SEO Consultants in London – And How They Can Help My Business

SEO is an extremely important aspect of online marketing. It makes your site easy for both search engine robots and users to understand. Any website without a good SEO will not be easily recorded by Google, and will require a lot of money on the advertisement.

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What is SEO Consultant? How do they fit into London’s modern business landscape

It is basically a methodology of techniques that ranks a website on the first page of Google when some keywords are searched. It increases the amount of visitors to the website, where the first page grabs 80% of the Google search users, second page grabs 15% and third page only 5% of the users. Since the website drives the visitors from Google, therefore the Google rule is extremely imperative. The principle of SEO is quite easy and basically involves 2 parts:

  • . Part 1: The quality of the website
  • . Part 2: Link sharing

Links sharing
is also sometimes referred to as backlink building or Link building. Although they are the same, yet they are referred to as Link sharing because of the necessity of the Google search engine update. The search engine being very smart, increases the ranking of a website based on the real visitors action. If you are still following the old methodology to buy website comments, blog posts or UK and London government links, your website will be banned by Google search engine.

How Can SEO Help My London Based consultancy Business And How Can It Get Positive SEO Ranking Results?

Firstly, the webmaster must ensure that the website’s quality follows the Google standard and must also order some services about SEO consultancy. Then the professional SEO worker must be asked to devise a plan in order to improve the quality of the website. Since SEO plan is extremely important, therefore considering everything before rushing towards link sharing service is quite essential. It would be suggest that you can share content and back links with other seo consultants london. Link sharing can be considered as marketing and sales, and website contents can be considered as products. Google being the judge, will never give positive feedback for bad products, and therefore ban the poor website for oodles of backlinks. Most of the SEO consultancy will also provide the link strategy and keywords suggestions. A high quality SEO consultant report consists of the following three things:

  • 1. Keywords suggestion
  • 2. Website improvement
  • 3. Link building strategy

SEO Consultants London

. Secondly, in order to get the high quality backlinks, it is essential to follow the Link building strategy. Here are some of the ways to know that the Backlinks are of a high quality:
1. The contents are relevant to the keywords
2. The website Page Rank is above 2, or Page Authority is above 20. It is advised to check the Page Authority such as, for more accuracy as Google has delayed the website Page rank update for a year.
3. The links are not from comments contribution Except from Facebook, and Google plus comments. All other traditional comments contribution are simply spam.
4. Social media sharing links are always considered the best. Some of the recommended services include Press Release Service Article, Submission Service, Google Plus Service and Facebook Likes Service. The results are based on the Google 2013 Aug update.

. Thirdly, track the results by Google Analytics.




Therefore, SEO consultants in London help to bring the business website higher up in the results in order to get more traffic to their pages, and so potentially much more business.

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How Hiring a Professional SEO consultant Can Benefit Your London Business

In today’s age of technology, the way that customers find companies has undergone a rapid change, requiring businesses to establish a cyber presence. However, with so many companies going on-line, simply having a web page may not be enough. Today, when customers want to find a business, they often do a Google search using keywords related to their needs. SEO, or search engine optimization, involves implementing cutting edge strategies to secure a spot for your business’s website as high up on search engine result lists as possible. SEO is extremely important to the visibility and traffic of your business’s website, as studies report an exponential decrease in the likelihood of a customer clicking on search results that are not on the first page. In fact, research indicates that less than 5% of customers will even look at the results shown past the 3rd page of a Google search. Without implementing the latest SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your website, you may be wasting time and money as your page gets buried under search engine results. On the other hand, by hiring a professional SEO consultant, you can increase the rankings of your website, therefore increasing the chances of customers choosing to do business with you. Read on to learn some of the basics of SEO, and how hiring a professional SEO consultant can help your business prosper.

What will a London SEO agency do for you?

When you hire an SEO consultant they will work to optimize your cyber presence by suggesting strategies to improve your website, integrate important keywords, and create link building. A professional SEO consultant will work with your company, looking at different aspects of your online presence in order to find areas in need of improvement. The best SEO consultants will go beyond just the boundaries of your website, creating an SEO campaign that involves a network of digital marketing. At Thomas Oldham SEO, we take a holistic and thorough approach to SEO that increases the effectiveness of our strategies by focusing on both on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization. This combination will significantly help your website rank higher in Google search results. The following list includes many of the services provided by SEO consultants and how they increase your websites ranking.

1. Provide content and keyword suggestions
Proper content will draw potential clients to your website by offering relevant information. Understanding your target audience and considering what topics they will most likely search for will help you identify what information to include on your website. SEO consultants will be able to help you improve your website content, as well as identify certain keywords that should be integrated into your text. These keywords will be consistent with the keywords used by potential clients when they are performing Google searches, and therefore they will help Google identify your website as relevant. Improving your website content and including certain keywords will help both search engines and clients find your website.
2. Determine link building strategies
Having a healthy network of links that connect your website to other off-page web platforms can significantly improve your web page ranking. Google ranks websites higher when they have natural and relevant links that indicate that your website has good information. Adding relevant links to your website creates a network of information that is useful for customers who search for your website, and it allows Google to identify your web page as quality information.
3. Suggest URL improvements
A website’s URL is one of the first things that search engine algorithms crawl in order to determine if the link is relevant to a specific search. Having a short URL that includes important keywords can optimize your website’s ranking. Google stresses the importance of the first 3-5 words in your URL, indicating that these are critical to determining the relevance of a link. In addition SEO consultants may recommend that you register your URL with a search engine, as search engines give priority to websites that are registered in their database. By improving your URL you can increase your search engine ranking while making it easy for customers to remember your website.
4. Implement Social Media SEO strategies
Linking your website to various social media accounts is another way to create natural links that will increase your website’s SEO. In addition, the larger your cyber network is, the more digital marketing you will be able to achieve, thereby drawing more customers to your website. This off page SEO strategy is a great way to establish your business’s online presence.
5. Identify and fix technical website glitches
SEO also involves some technical website engineering. For example, if your website is hosted by a slow server it is less likely to be prioritized by Google search since customers tend not to wait for slow loading pages. SEO consultants may encourage you to reduce the resolution of images on your website, or switch to a faster server in order to reduce loading speeds. SEO consultants may also advise HTML and coding improvements. These technical suggestions can improve the quality of your website, making it more user-friendly.

Why you need a London SEO agency?

Hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional SEO consultant can lead to ineffective digital marketing, or worse, a ban on your website by Google. The nature of SEO has changed drastically in the last decade. In the past, the best way to increase the visibility of your website was by buying comments or government links—both practices which, today, could cause your website to be banned by Google. Professional SEO consultants are up to date on such current SEO best practices, and therefore are knowledgeable on the dos and donts of SEO.
SEO is a constantly changing industry that requires a professional who is able to keep up with all of the Google software updates and modern technological advancements. For example, in 2015 the increase in mobile device searches pushed Google to prioritize mobile-friendly sites over those which are not compatible with all screen sizes. Those who were using outdated SEO strategies lost significant traffic on their websites as they were replaced by competitors who used more up to date techniques. If your website is still not mobile friendly, a professional SEO consultant will be able to advise you on how to create a mobile website or suggest other options that are available to you. In recent years, Google has also developed advanced algorithms that are designed to weed out poor SEO practices such as keyword stuffing—a practice in which keywords are overused and do not naturally flow with the website’s content. This is a common mistake committed by amateurs SEO consultants, as it sets off red flags for search engines, often causing the website to be removed from the results list. If you are wanting to hire a professional, then get in touch with us at Thomas Oldham SEO today!

What does Search Engine Optimization mean for your London based business?

What the true value of professional SEO boils down to is that more rankings means more customers. SEO is a growing field which is only becoming more and more important as society relies so heavily on the internet. Having an established online presence is not only necessary and professional, it is also a great way to expand your clientele. By implementing up to date SEO strategies, you will improve the quality and visibility of your business’s online presence. Further, you will secure a competitive edge over your competition by ensuring that your website has a higher ranking and is easier to find by your target audience.
If you have a website for your business but you are receiving relatively few hits, an SEO consultant can use their professional expertise to help you understand what aspects of your website can be improved to increase visibility. Without a knowledgeable SEO professional, you could be wasting resources trying to maintain a website that is buried under other search engine results; or worse, improper SEO practices could cause your website to be banned or pushed even further down on search engine result lists. On the other hand, using effective SEO strategies can save you money on advertisement because your website ranking will serve as the most effective form of digital marketing.
At Thomas Oldham SEO, our sole goal is to help your business prosper by means of the latest digital marketing SEO tactics. We stay up to date on the latest software updates and best practices that will help your website prosper, while ensuring that your content flows naturally. Unlike some other SEO agencies, we consider both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to help foster future online success for your company. This means that we work to directly improve your website’s content, use of keywords, URL, etc. while also creating a network of information that links your website to other online platforms. Connecting your website to social media accounts, for example, can establish a network that will allow you to communicate with potential customers and promote your business. Applying a holistic SEO approach and increase your websites visibility, improve user friendliness, and ultimately earn you more clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!