SEO Consultants in London – And How They Can Help My Business

SEO is an extremely important aspect of online marketing. It makes your site easy for both search engine robots and users to understand. Any website without a good SEO will not be easily recorded by Google, and will require a lot of money on the advertisement.

seo consultancy London

What is SEO? How does it fit into London’s modern business landscape

It is basically a methodology of techniques that ranks a website on the first page of Google when some keywords are searched. It increases the amount of visitors to the website, where the first page grabs 80% of the Google search users, second page grabs 15% and third page only 5% of the users. Since the website drives the visitors from Google, therefore the Google rule is extremely imperative. The principle of SEO is quite easy and basically involves 2 parts:

  • . Part 1: The quality of the website
  • . Part 2: Link sharing

Links sharing
is also sometimes referred to as backlink building or Link building. Although they are the same, yet they are referred to as Link sharing because of the necessity of the Google search engine update. The search engine being very smart, increases the ranking of a website based on the real visitors action. If you are still following the old methodology to buy website comments, blog posts or UK and London government links, your website will be banned by Google search engine.

How Can SEO Help My London Based consultancy Business And How Can It Get Positive SEO Ranking Results?

. Firstly, the webmaster must ensure that the website’s quality follows the Google standard and must also order some services about SEO consultancy. Then the professional SEO worker must be asked to devise a plan in order to improve the quality of the website. Since SEO plan is extremely important, therefore considering everything before rushing towards link sharing service is quite essential. It would be suggest that you can share content and back links with other seo consultants london. Link sharing can be considered as marketing and sales, and website contents can be considered as products. Google being the judge, will never give positive feedback for bad products, and therefore ban the poor website for oodles of backlinks. Most of the SEO consultancy will also provide the link strategy and keywords suggestions. A high quality SEO consultant report consists of the following three things:

  • 1. Keywords suggestion
  • 2. Website improvement
  • 3. Link building strategy

SEO Consultants London

. Secondly, in order to get the high quality backlinks, it is essential to follow the Link building strategy. Here are some of the ways to know that the Backlinks are of a high quality:
1. The contents are relevant to the keywords
2. The website Page Rank is above 2, or Page Authority is above 20. It is advised to check the Page Authority such as, for more accuracy as Google has delayed the website Page rank update for a year.
3. The links are not from comments contribution Except from Facebook, and Google plus comments. All other traditional comments contribution are simply spam.
4. Social media sharing links are always considered the best. Some of the recommended services include Press Release Service Article, Submission Service, Google Plus Service and Facebook Likes Service. The results are based on the Google 2013 Aug update.

. Thirdly, track the results by Google Analytics.




Therefore, SEO consultants in London help to bring the business website higher up in the results in order to get more traffic to their pages, and so potentially much more business.

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