London's best thrift shops

The Best of London’s Thrift Shops

Whoever said that one needs to buy brand new designer clothes to become fashionable?

London has a lot of treasure coves that you should visit for fashionable items. And what’s great about these thrift shops is you can get trendy clothes without having to pay as much as you would to pay if you were to buy them brand new. But which thrift shops in London should you go to for the best finds? Do not worry because we have listed the best thrift shops that London has to offer.

East End Thrift Store

The principle of the store is to provide their customers with vintage items at a good value, which happens to be rare in the business world these days. The owners of the store are good at picking up the latest trends. It won’t be too difficult to find denim shirts that only cost £15 and the denim jackets are sold at around £25 each. The owners manage to offer such low prices because they have cut their costs on other aspects of the shop. Take a look around the shop and you’ll see that they haven’t spent anything on decorations. With lesser expenses, it’s easier for the business owners to provide lower prices.

Beyond Retro

The moment you walk into this shop, it’s difficult not to be amazed by the wide selection that they have. This store has been open for a decade now and it is easy to see why the business has succeeded. Regardless of your age, you will always find the trendy items that you are looking for. And their selection of clothes is not just women but they cater to the fashion needs of men as well. But if you want the best advice then do not just pick out every item that catches your fancy. You will only find the best pieces for you if you take the time to do so and avoid getting overwhelmed by the great things in the shop.

Absolute Vintage

The shop might be a little off the beaten path of Brick Lane and its crowd but this has never stopped shoppers from going to the shop. If you intend to browse through every rack that the shop has then you need to prepare yourself for the exhaustion that you will feel after browsing through rows and rows of clothes. Even if you only have £10, it should not be too difficult to find something that suits your taste here and to get a complete outfit, you only need to spend £100 or maybe even lesser. Sometimes it can be tiring to go through the bad quality products until you find the right one but do not worry because the wide array of goods that they have will most certainly make up for it.

And this is just three of the many thrift stores that you can find around London. Do not ever forget that getting brand new expensive clothes will not turn you into a certified fashion guru. What matters more is how you carry yourself and how you can put together an outfit, regardless if it is brand new or second-hand.

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