Bloody Mary's in London

Where to Get London’s Finest Blood Mary

If you are in search of the best places to get a bloody mary from when you are in London, then you have come to the right place.

You will find a list of great restaurants and pubs to visit during your stay in London for the best bloody marys.

69 Colebrooke Row’s Prairie Oyster

A glass of Prairie Oyster will cost you £7. And if you get the chance to look at it, you might find it a little weird since it it not the typical mary that you are used to. But do not worry because the creator of Prarie Oyster happens to be a cocktail wizard. Tony Conigliaro has managed to put a twist in this classic drink. The flavor of the Prairie is just like the original bloody mary but looks different in every sense. In fact, many would say that the look of the Prarie Oyster is better than the original version.

Balthazar’s Bloody Mary.

A glass of this bloody mary costs £9.50. According to the rumors, Balthazar’s first bloody was either made in New York or in it bar that has a New York theme in Paris. So if you are in search of a bloody mary that screams authentic Big Apple, then you’ll be pleased to find one in the Balthazar’s London branch. This place began its journey as a brasserie in the US.

Berber & Q’s Harissa rose mary

If you want your sweet drink to have a little spice in it then this bloody mary is highly recommended for you. Harissa mary rose is Berber & Q’s take on the American flavors that the bloody mary has. The team that created this drink uses vodka that has been house-smoke. But not to worry because it has sweetness balancing it thanks to the rose petals that have been crushed in harissa paste. A glass of this bloody mary is priced at £8.50.

The Connaught Bar’s Bloody mary

Now this bloody mary can create a little hole in your wallet since it is priced at £19 per glass. But before you start reacting to this news, you should also know that this version of the bloody mary includes celery air. Well, we do not really know what this is but it does sound quite fancy, doesn’t it? But nevertheless, this recipe has what the original recipe has and you will also get the hottest and best experience when it comes to bars in London. Now that should make it worth the price, right?

Hawksmoor Guildhall’s Bloody mary

A glass of Hawksmoor Guildhall’s bloody mary costs £8.50. But one good thing about this group is its reputation to turn anything simple into something stunning. Their bloody mary has lived up to this reputation as well. If you want the real stuff, you might want to get the No. 7. It has Kernel porter included in the mix for that additional booze hit. This bloody mary is a classic when it comes to its taste and its looks.

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